What Kind of Manure System is Breakdown™ Designed For?​

What is Breakdown™?

Breakdown™ has multiple ways to generate a positive return on your investment (ROI), depending on the type of operation you are running.  Poultry farmers may see less time running the fans due to decreased ammonia levels, leading to fuel savings.  You can save money by avoiding charges to have your pipes unclogged by professionals.  You may also see savings on your fertilizer bill because Breakdown™ retains more nitrogen in the manure and ultimately leaves more nitrogen in a plant usable form.  Since the solids are broken down in the manure, there is much less agitation required prior to hauling.  This is a fuel and time saver as well.

What are the benefits of using Breakdown™?

How can Breakdown™ save me money?

Breakdown™ is a manure treatment product for liquid and dry systems that is designed to control odor, break down solids and maximize the nutrient value of manure!

Breakdown™ is designed to work in both liquid and dry systems.  It works in dairy, poultry, swine, equine, and beef operations, among others.


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There are many reasons to use Breakdown™ including to control odor, break down solids, foster the building of humus, require less agitation, retain high levels of plant available nitrogen, focus on hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gas reduction and promote even spreading.

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