Introducing Breakdown™

Jeremy Ranck 

Noble Oak Farm, Hog Farm, Christiana, PA
“My father, Jim Ranck, and I operate 300 sows, farrow to finish here at Noble Oak Farm.  We market about 150 market hogs a week, and we produce everything here ourselves for the operation.  We also have about 500 acres of crops that support the hogs.  Currently all of our manure storage is 6 foot or deeper under barn pits, under full slot barns, so we have very limited agitation capabilities. We land apply all of our manure, and we do institute some no till practices, which gives a lot of opportunity for nuisance odors to travel.  So we were interesting in reducing some odor and also keeping the solids broken down, agitated and mixed within the profile of the manure in our pits.  The most noticeable attribute that we observed since using Breakdown™ is the consistency of the nutrient density throughout the depth of the pit.  We also observed odor reduction as well, both in the pit in the barn and also when we pump and land apply it.  Odor is harder to quantify, but we feel it is a noticeable difference as well.    We mix the dry product with water prior to application to more evenly distribute it throughout the liquid pit.  We’ve been very happy with the performance of Breakdown™ over the years that we have been using it!”

Don Gable 

Conebella Farm, Dairy Farm, Elverson, PA
“Here at Conebella Farm in Chester County, PA, we are a 100% Ayrshire Herd.  We have a cheese business where 10% of our milk production currently goes in to cheese.  We had a manure pit installed in 2002.  We did not use any product in it up until a year and a half ago, when we started using Breakdown™.  Before that, we had a very thick crust on the top of the pit.  We had to break the pump down through the crust in order to get it in and start agitating, and the manure was very thick.  It looked like a blanket of weeds and grass across the top of the pit.  We started using the Breakdown™, and last summer when we hauled, we could notice a difference.  It stirred much easier.  When we emptied in the fall after corn, we got right down to the bottom.  For the first time, since we started having manure flow into that pit, I could see the bottom of the liner.  It was all liquid at the bottom, maybe a few clumps here and there, but for the most part it was all liquid.  We emptied that pit out pretty much in its entirety for the first time.  We are very impressed with that.  We are currently dumping Breakdown™ right into the manure drop once a week.”

Tyler Gable 

Conebella Farm, Dairy Farm, Elverson, PA
“We started using Breakdown™ about a year and a half ago.  We weren’t able to get all the manure agitated properly in the past, but with Breakdown™ we were able to cut our agitation time down substantially which saves a lot of fuel and time.  With Breakdown™, the manure is a lot more uniform all throughout the spreading process.  It does an amazing job.”

Paul Hartz

Beef Cattle, Morgantown, PA

“Everything here is low tech, but I’m dealing with what exists, rather
what’s ideal.  I want a solid manure pack in the barn because I have

calves born in here all winter, and if they are wading through a bunch

of muck, they don’t make it.  But with a solid manure pack the calves

get around.  I bed and feed at the same time, which takes a lot of

bedding, and that can kill a manure spreader. Breakdown™ is a big

help in cleaning out and getting it through a manure spreader.

 I’m not in to unloading manure spreaders with a pitch fork, and so this doesn’t tear up a manure spreader, and that is pretty important to me.  Breakdown™ also holds down odor and gives me a partial compost without the extra work, so it cleans out much easier.”

 “If I don’t use Vital Breakdown™, my manure pack doesn’t breakdown. Then it takes more time to haul it out. That’s money!”


Dennis Weaver 
Weaver Homestead Farm, Dairy Farm, New Holland, PA
“We have a manure pit under the barn, and Breakdown™ helps reduce the solids.  We don’t have a problem with the crust, where it can hold the gases in.  It starts breaking down the manure before it goes out in the field.  When we spread it, there is much less smell than we would get if we wouldn’t treat it. Breakdown™ is very simple to put on.  We just spread it over the slats, and it gets washed down in to the manure and mixed in itself.  It really helps make a better manure when we spread it out in to the field.”

Josh Akers 
Duck Farm, Quarryville, PA

“We can handle 40,000 head of ducks here.  We heard about Breakdown™ from another duck grower.  Back in the fall, we had a gravity flow pipe, about 500 feet, get plugged up.  We had to have a vacuum truck come in and suck it out.  It took a few hours to finally get it pushed through.  After that, we decided that we needed to try something to break down the solids, eliminate some ammonia in the barn and some of the odor when we haul manure.    I dump the Breakdown™ product in the gutters at the gable ends of the barn, and it starts working from there.  Ever since we have been using Breakdown™, we have not had any pipe problems.  Things are flowing out of the barn better.  We don’t have the solids in the bottom of the manure pit.  The custom haulers commented that they don’t see the solids laying in the bottom of our pit that they see in others!”

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